The Lonely Shining Goblin (Aka, Guardian: Lonely and Great God)

By Ally—From the picture above, if you’ve guessed that we’re watching Goblin, you would be correct!  This is the fantasy we are diving into now.  Don’t get too close to the edge though, we may not be able to save you!  We will be sharing some thoughts about it, but really, just finding the humor, themes, and ?life applications? that we can find in this Kdrama, and loving every second of it.

Some thoughts as we watched the first and part of the second episode:

Ally:  The pictures and cinematography are beautiful, as are Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook.  You had me at,  “Goblin?”  “Grim Reaper?”  “Your hat is vulgar.”

Amy: The set up was rough (emotionally) but worth it.

Kimmi:  I’m going to kill you, Ally, why did you have to go and pick a sad drama?  And why is there so much blood?

LadyInRed:  It’s fine, all fake, we’re good.

Chi:  I need to watch this again, but it’s really good.  I feel like I’m missing out on the nuances of the acting because I’m reading subtitles.

LadyInRed:  What’s the deal with all these car accidents?   How do you blind a Chinaman?  You put a windshield in front of him… (Okay, maybe not so appropriate.)

Ally:  Never be a pedestrian in Korea. The stereotype must be true about Asian drivers. Korean dramas are not helping this at all.

Kimmi:  What the hell?!? Is she Cinderella or something?  I hope he’s nice to her, because that aunt is horrible.

Final thoughts:  As this was probably the most popular Korean Drama last year, I don’t feel like I need to recap it.  There are many more, much better, writers who have done so (like  We’ve left with the set up of an immortal being, cursed to live a life of loneliness and feeling every ounce of remorse for those that have died before him– begging for death himself– before finding this young waif, who seems everything opposite of him: childish, impudent,  innocent, and full of life.

And, we all laughed when Eun Tak declared her love for who she was convinced was the Goblin.  Unanimously, we all thought that was adorable.

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