The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episodes 2-3

May 6, 2017:

By Ally and Kimmi–

With our second meeting, we had a special guest, who came with Chi. We’ll call her Shadow.  Some background: she’s our retired female CEO.  We think she’ll fit in quite nicely.  She came prepared after watching the 1st episode with Chi!

We spent the first few minutes just catching up on our story, getting back into the habit of reading subtitles–with some of us having a little more trouble than others– Ne–*cough, cough* Ne.

NeNe:  Does that chicken shop have any customers at all?  Give me that job.

Chi:  S**t, we should take that shop over.

Ally:  Shadow used to own restaurants. You should all go into business.

Shadow:  I could turn that place around.

Ally: Goblin is a businessman too–don’t worry, they’ll turn it around. What do you do all day if you don’t serve anyone?

NeNe:  You got time to lean, you got time to clean *in a Southern drawl*

Ally:  Is that a thing?

Shadow:  That’s what we told our workers, but I thought is was just a McDonald’s thing.

NeNe:  My first job was at McDonald’s! That’s where I heard it!

Ally:  Well, I guess it IS a thing, *wonders what the Korean equivalent would be*

Kimmi:  When do they stop treating her like crap?  Wait, she gets kidnapped too?

Ally: Sorry, Kimmi, not the drama you thought we were watching.  Oh, but look how good they look coming to her rescue.

Kimmi:  I love you, Ally, they do look hot. Wait, do they kill the kidnappers?  What are we watching?

Ally:  No, they don’t die.  She asks him to not kill them.

Chi: This is so good, I rewatched the 1st episode, and now I’m going to have to rewatch the 2nd and 3rd to catch everything.

NeNe:  Wait, I’m having trouble keeping up with the subtitles too, guys.  Oh, I caught that:  “Give her a chance, maybe you have to be naked before she sees your sword.” I didn’t catch anything else.  Hah!  Of course he would have to be naked to see the “sword.”  Makes perfect sense.

Chi:  S**t, that was funny!

Ally:  Oh my God, NeNe, you would catch the inappropriate line!

NeNe:  I’m sorry, I can’t read fast!  I saw “naked” and it caught my attention!

Chi:  That makes total sense–he probably does need to get naked, right?  Can brides see their husbands naked in Korea!?!  Will we get to see him naked?

Ally:  Oh my word.  Who would have thought I’d be the prude.

Chi:  That relationship with the Goblin and Grim Reaper is gold.  They are hilarious.

Ally:  Arguably, the best relationship of the whole drama.  They play off each other really well.

NeNe:  They’re friends now?  Don’t they hate each other?  Isn’t it like oil and water?  Grim Reaper lives for people to die and Goblin can’t die, right?  Didn’t Grim Reaper tell the girl that she sees the sword and hypnotize her so that the Goblin will die?  Hmmm, something is up.  I remember reading that–something else I barely read.

Final thoughts:  She sees the sword!!! Or does she???  And he didn’t need to get naked for it to happen!!!  Or does he???  We girls can hope.

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