The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episodes 4-5


Chi, Kimmie, Amy, Shadow, Lady in Red, and Ally were in attendance for our 3rd Free the Kimchi meeting. Lady in Red was on her way to the lake this weekend, but was able to grace us with her presence, which was much appreciated!

We started with Goblin episode 4 and ended with episode 5.  These are two of my favorite episodes because we see the Goblin begin to have feelings for his bride, and tries desperately to keep them under wraps because, of course, this means he is that much closer to ending his eternal life.

We noticed this week how unbelievably well dressed our lonely Goblin is in this series, and because we are women who love to shop, it hijacked most of our conversation. But we managed to have some other epiphanies along the way as well.

Chi:  That Goblin and Reaper combo is so amazing. Their expressions make these episodes.

Shadow: Like how Goblin went crazy in Reaper’s bedroom after the bride sees the sword and they’re trying to figure out how Goblin feels about the whole thing.  How Reaper is the first to say, “I’ll take her and then you’d never die.”  Then Goblin decides to die anyway, and Reaper goes along with this too.  The back and forth is gold.

Chi:  And getting their first cell phones?  That was funny too!  Not knowing how to Facetime .  Reaper’s dead pan expressions and Goblin’s frustration made that scene.  And how they are helping each other even though they are on different ends of the life and death spectrum.  Goblin giving life and Reaper taking it.  The scene with the beer andthe egg with Reaper chilling the beer and Goblin heating the egg was great.

Kimmie:  And also, love it that it just says, generically, “Beer” on the cans.  They can get Masarati to sponsor this show, but not a beer company?

Ally:  And don’t forget Subway!

Lady in Red:  But what about Reaper and Sunny NOT SUN- HEE?  I thought I was the racist white person when Sunny didn’t look like Eun Tak [she missed last week] and you guys were saying she was the same person.  I was like—no way!

Ally:  Oh!  I thought you were saying that the girls he was hallucinating about weren’t the same girl as the one he met on the bridge—I forgot you didn’t see that part.

Chi: And then he can’t call her because 1st, he doesn’t have a way to, and then 2nd, he has no name?  Do Reapers not have names?

Ally:  I think they’re all “Messenger Kim,” and he doesn’t know his real name or how he came into being, apparently.

Shadow:  And where are the customers to the chicken shop?  Apparently, Eun Tak is refilling napkins and mopping the floor, so there must be customers, right?  Will we ever see any? [Says the lady that used to own several franchises.]

Chi:  I think the chicken shop only came into being so that Eun Tak would have a job, as per her wish to the Goblin.  So, is Sunny in on everything?

Ally:  Ah, interesting theory.  Like the chicken shop is also supernatural.  So Sunny would be a supernatural person too? She is really cool to Eun Tak.

Kimmie:  That girl can’t catch a break.  But for being homeless, she sure has a lot of sh**!  I’m feeling so bad for her though.  Man, that Goblin’s room is amazing.

Ally:  Oh, I love that whole house.  I could live there happily, and those two can stay too (pointing to Goblin and Reaper while they’re cooking breakfast).

Chi: It was sweet for him to give up that room.  He really does like her. And the nephew and the credit card!  He’s possessed by that credit card!

Shadow:  So will he ever possess a credit card or will the credit card continue to elude, but possess him at the same time?

Ally:  I was about to cry with Goblin going to visit that kid who became a lawyer who was going to the afterlife.  All those scenes are going to kill me.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them!

Lady in Red:  Well, if I was the Goblin, I’d work it out so that she never knows to pull out the sword, live a long life with her until she’s an old woman, then break the news.

Ally: But then we wouldn’t have 11 more episodes of these beautiful people!!!

Shadow:  And they are ALL beautiful.  I wonder how old Eun Tak is in real life.

Ally:  I think she’s around 25 years old.

Shadow:  Oh, she looks much younger than that.  Her skin is perfect.

Ally:  Asian genes, they all look too young.

Kimmie:  Look who’s talking!  [Ally is Asian.]

Ally:  Oh, sometimes I forget I am, I’ve lived here ALL MY LIFE! All my friends are white!

*Laughter from everyone.*

Chi:  We should really consider changing our name from “Free the Kimchi” to “Free the Kim Shin!”  That character needs some freeing.

Poor Kim Shin…Still lonely, although he’s found his bride.

There was definitely more humor in today’s episodes, and although we had a ton of fun, Amy did go to the hospital in the middle of our meeting and had emergent surgery.  But she is recovering well now!  She was a trooper, making 2 delicious desserts for us while in excruciating pain, getting through lunch and episode 4!   [See Recipes for her banana pudding that is just heavenly.] And an amazing Kimmie who called up a surgeon when things were just “not right” and getting her to the hospital.  Sometimes, real life drama trumps Kdrama—not often, but today, it did.  Until next month!

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