The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episodes 8.2 – 9


November 11, 2017:

By Ally:

All our regulars except for Nene (who was celebrating her husband’s 40th out of town) were in attendance today.  We had some catching up to do, so ran through the last half of Episode 8 and the rest of Episode 9.  We’ve really become a tightly knit group of ahjummas and are still thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  We hope you are too!  Oh, and as per our way, this is not actually a scene by scene summary of the episode, but just our random thoughts while we were watching it.  For a true summary, see

So, without further ado……..

Episode 8.2:

We were quite distracted today, as we were feeding our vanity, but this was the first week watching Goblin on our newly acquired official DVD set!  We don’t read or speak Korean, but the English translations seem to be richer and more complete than the ones we’ve been watching on line.

Shadow: What is going on with that kid on the bike?

Chi:  That’s that same kid he saw earlier; is he going to cause the wreck?

Ally:  And Kim Shin is going to save everyone.  One of many times that he does.  We should just start counting the times Eun Tak almost dies.  Not even poor Grim can control the great and lonely god.

Chi:  That last scene with the lady in red was so important.  Death will come to Eun Tak unless she kills the Goblin.  What a sad star-crossed set of lovers.

Episode 9:

And…we’re back!

Shadow: Ok, I need a recap;  so what do we know?  Who is Grim?  Is he the king?  Is Sunny the his queen in the past?

Ally:  Yes and Yes.  There he is putting together his theroms.  That he cries when looking at the scroll and that he cries when looking at Sunny, and that Sunny is Kim Shin’s sister.  Oh, and then there’s the king’s broach that he wears.

Chi:  And what about the nephew?  I feel like there’s more to him than meets the eye.  Everyone is someone else in this. Is Eun Tak from the past somewhere as well?  And how did he find her?

Ally:  And the butterfly is there too.  At the ski resort.

Kimmi:  I think I’m going to have to borrow your DVDs to catch up!  I’m so confused!

Ally:  Ok, sshhh, this is one of the best monologues between Goblin and Eun Tak, where he declares his love, finally.  That he wants her to say she needs him, so that he will stay with her.  He looks so good in white, or with white in the background.  His complexion is gorgeous.  This whole drama is so gorgeous.

Chi:  Oh, yes, and the sea scape scene by those rocks and his off white shirt as well.  He looked really good there. Probably the best he’s  looked this whole show.

Ally:  So, I’ve decided that if I ever meet Gong Yoo, and can to take him anywhere in the world, we’re going to a white sandy beach or the snowcapped mountains!  Yes, I could do that.  And stare at him the whole time.

Chi:  Oh, this is my favorite part, when he’s up at the ski slope waiting for her.  (Hey, wait, did Chi watch this already too?)

Lady in Red:  Now, Eun Tak sounds like my daughter.  You save her life, and she yells at you for not doing what she thinks you should do.  Teenagers!

Ally:  But they look like they’re freezing!  I hope they did that scene (the one in the picture) in one take.  And again with the pretty scenery and cinematography.  That mountain top view, is again, gorgeous.

Kimmi:  We should go there!  Bogeyman loves to ski!  That should be our next trip.  Is Amy awake over there? We haven’t heard a peep out of you.

Amy:  Just enjoying the show, girls, just enjoying the show.

So, at the end of Episode 9 a bombshell (which we had already guessed) was dropped, as we know for certain that Sunny is Kim Shin’s queen sister.  And that Sunny spells her name like we would in English, S-U-N-N-Y.  And Mr. Goblin has finally declared his love for Eun Tak, which was absolutely beautiful.

We’re planning to have a holiday party for our next meeting Dec 17th.  We can’t wait!  Sorry this entry took so long!  We’ve been playing golf, going on vacations, celebrating birthdays, putting together benefits, recovering from viruses, and working in the meantime!  Until then…!




















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