The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episode 10

December 17, 2017:

By Ally:

Happy Holidays!  Our group did a Goblin Christmas Party with white elephant gift exchange this inaugural Free the Kimchi year!  All of us were in attendance, except Shadow, today. From Chick-fil-a gift cards, to an array of candles, and red scarves and even a “Rough Love” body scrub reminding us of the “rough love” of our 938-9 year old Goblin.

We are in Episode 10, the “New Year’s Episode,”  and although it wasn’t planned, it was perfectly timed as we will not be meeting again until the new year!  A lot happens this episode: Grim sees Sunny’s past life, Eun Tak is jealous of her boss, Goblin informs Reaper just why the young king killed him (and we get some really beautiful scenes from the past Goryeo time period) while the rest of us and Eun Tak are able to eavesdrop into his thoughtful conversation, Eun Tak is finally of “legal” age and gets tipsy on soju, Grim and Sunny break up (and Goblin makes an awkwardly futile attempt of getting them back together), Deok-wa (the nephew) gets a job, and his grandfather has an end of life premonition (and Goblin also sees this future), while Reaper tells Goblin that Sunny may be his sister in her past life. And Nene was our comedienne this week, making us laugh every other scene!

Scene: Future Queen Kim Sun walking over the stone path balancing bowels on her shoulders:

Nene:  S@$t, now I know why I never married a king.  I couldn’t balance that s@$t and I’ve never been that innocent.  But I’ve got other ASSets, if you know what I mean, and I’m sure some kings would like those. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

Scene:  Argument and jealous Eun Tak confronting Goblin about is “interest” in Sunny:

Nene:  Why the hell is he petting her like a dog?  Good Eun Tak, SIT, Eun Tak.  Is that a Korean thing, to pet people like animals?


Scene: Kim Shin/Goblin and Eun Tak’s kiss in the tent restaurant:

Nene:  He actually kissed her!   I totally thought he was going to chicken out.  That man, is, as I’ve said before, the most indecisive man I’ve ever seen.

Kimmi:  I didn’t think he would either.

Scene: As Reaper tells Goblin what he saw when he held Sunny’s hand:

Nene:  Did Goblin just say “No s@#t?” in Korean?  I’m pretty sure he did.  At least I would if someone was telling me they could see my dead sister’s past life and I was in it.

Scene: Any scene with a close up our beautiful Goblin’s face:

Chi:  Oh my God, that man is so beautiful. I’m single, I can say that!  I’ll be having some good dreams tonight!

And the alcohol may have been talking through this episode:

Ally:  Hey, we’ve only drunk 1/2 the Rum Chata! Come on, girls, we’ve got to finish this!

Lady in Red: Maybe it’s because 1/2 of all our shots have been with Fireball whiskey!

Nene:  You don’t have to ask me twice, you enabler!

Kimmi:  She may look innocent, but that Ally, she’s evil! I’m already hung over from last evening’s party, what’s another shot?

Amy:  To the Goblin!

Chi: And Gong Yoo!

And we had a confession:

Chi:  Ok guys, I binged the whole thing last weekend!  I watched 10-13, and was an emotional wreck! I had to sleep it off and watched the rest 14-16 the next day.  I feel like I know these people like they’re my family.  I loved seeing this the second time, though.

So, Chi has fallen into the Kdrama vortex.  She’s even trying to find another drama to watch in the meantime!  Until next time!


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