The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episodes 11-12


December 21, 2018:

By Ally:

Welcome back!  We are in the home stretch in our Goblin-watching and were excited to see everyone back after the holidays.  Chi, Kimmi, Nene, Amy, and I were in attendance.  Episodes 11-12 were packed full of reveals for our characters, so we too were anxious to see where not only Goblin and Grim Reaper, but also where Eun Tak and Sunny fit into the past and the present.  And more and more characters are coming out of the woodwork, it seems, each one more important that than the prior.  Introducing a new character of the evil scholar-ghost in the future was exactly what we needed to add some tension back into the story line, with life and death continually in the balance. And the reveal of our favorite nephew (Deok-hwa) made us question everyone else in this show.  This week had gorgeous costuming and scenes from the Goryeo time period as well and time seemed to speed along, especially in episode 12.  Again, for a proper recap, click here.

With Eun Tak’s life about to end at every turn, some of us were worried she wouldn’t be able to experience the “fullness of life” before she died.

Nene:  So have they done “it” yet?

Ally:  I don’t think so.

Nene:  Well, if I only had two weeks to live, that would be on my bucket list.

Amy:  Well, she did just graduate from high school, she’s at prime age. It would give her time to “get in the groove.”

Kimmi:  I guess not in Korea!

Nene:  Freshman year would be starting prime age here.

Kimmi:  In American television, they would have done it in the first 5 minutes.

Ally:  ‘Cuz that really happens.

Kimmi:  Well, just for us overachievers.  LOL!  Wait did he just kiss her in the photo-booth?

Ally:  What?  I missed it while I was talking.

Kimmi:  Well, that’s why God created the rewind button!  It’s the only action she’s getting!

And the evil “scholar who walks the night” who escaped Reaper and his journey to the afterlife scared the bejesus out of some of us.

Kimmi:  OMG, if he was on American TV, I’d be like peace out and be done!  Amy, tell me when it’s over.  Ally, this better be worth it.

Nene:  Same here, we can’t very well stop here, we have to do the next episode so I can sleep tonight!

9-year old daughter who just walked by says privately to Ally:  He’s not scary, just ugly.

And Deok-wa’s reveal was utterly shocking:

Kimmi:  So is he a god too?

Chi:  No, he’s THE god.

Amy:  Well, he’s kind of a dick.

Ally:  No, you’re right, he totally is.  Goblin thinks so too–he’s about to plow him! But that kid is a great actor.

Chi:  That lady-in-red is stunning.

Lady-in-Red:  Well, thank-you! Well, looks like he was just inhabited by the god.

Kimmi:  Oh, is that what’s going on?  I guess that’s why you’re the neurologist. Are you sure you haven’t watched this?

Ally:  Nothing gets by her!

And Sunny finds out the truth about Reaper:

Ally:  Do you think they should break up? After all, he did kill her in a past life.

Lady-in-Red:  You don’t think he’s had a change of heart? Even if he did kill her.

Ally:  And continues to technically kill others now.  Yeah, I wouldn’t be okay with that.

Lady-in-Red:  *chuckles* True, he’s still killing people.

And WTF is Eun Tak doing on that high building?

Lady-in-Red:  Seriously, let’s climb up some stairs to the the highest point of this skyscraper.

Nene:  Well, I guess she’ll be calling her boyfriend to get her out of this jam.

Ally:  Just look at how Goblin looks at her,  I’ve seen my husband give me that same look–who’s with me?  Nene? Kimmi?  I know you guys NEVER get in trouble with your hubbies, so maybe you don’t.  (We’re all pretty impulsive when it comes to what comes out of our mouths, to our husbands’ chagrin.)

Nene:  Well, F*&^, she’s in trouble. I know that look too well.  *laughs*

Final Thoughts:

Kimmi:  Why did that last episode go so much faster than the others? I totally fell asleep in episode 11, and probably missed some important parts!

Lady-In-Red:  There were much more reveals that pushed the story forward in 12, not the least being Deok-hwa being THE god.

Ally:  The romance is taking a back seat to how these characters will be able to elude fate.

Amy:  And that evil ghost, we needed a good scare!

Chi:  Doek-hwa finally gets his credit card, so that story-line is complete!  I was an emotional wreck after I saw the 12th episode the first time! With Eun Tak almost dying, then grandpa actually dying, and Deok-hwa and Goblin Kim Shin crying their hearts out, not to mention the beautiful and tragic love story of the king and queen/ Reaper and Sunny, I was a horrible mess.  The next 4 episodes should fly.

True, they should, especially if we keep watching 2 episodes at a time!  Episode 13 will be the climax of this series which I’m looking immensely forward to!  Until next time!















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