The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episode 13

February 24, 2018

By Ally

Hi everyone!  We’re back for another weekend of drama watching with the ladies! Wow, episode 13 was packed with villainous activity and we found all about Mr. Reaper’s tragic past as the King of Goryeo, and he did as well.  But if that wasn’t enough, this was the episode that we’ve been talking about for the past 12, where Kim Shin finally fulfills his destiny, cleverly using Eun Tak’s prophesied future, and meets his final end.  This episode was heavy, but we were prepared.  Peach Bellinis and a rose wine was helpful to take the edge off. 

So here we go!

Amy:  It kills me that the villain has perfect teeth.  Like everything on his body is rotting, except his teeth,

Ally:  Oh, his teeth are perfect!

Lady in Red:  Maybe they’re veneers.  You know, from the Missing Soul Dental Clinic. 

Lady in Red:  Finally, reaper gets his memories back, and goes on probation, and wreaks havoc on everything.  I like him better with facial hair, he looks older.

Amy:  Whoa, that was a sudden kiss by Mr. Goblin!  We knew you had it in you! She’s like, wait, what’s going on? Whoa, mister, explain yourself, that’s not a kiss you give someone if you’re going to see them again. How desperately did he kiss her there? 

Chi:  This episode was a hard watch for me the first time,  I binge watched it and had to recoup after this one, I couldn’t go on. 

Ally:  When I live-watched it, I was glad for a week to regroup as well.  It was emotionally really tough.

Lady in Red:  So, SPOILER ALERT, the Goblin dies! 

Kimmi:  Isn’t he coming back though?

Amy:  Wait!  Why didn’t he kiss her again? Not even a kiss goodbye!  I feel robbed.

Ally:  Oh, Dear Lord, that girl’s  (Eun Tak’s) cries at the end. They get me every time.

Lady in Red:  That grief cry when someone too young unexpectedly dies is the worst.  You never forget it when you hear it.  It’s horrible.

Ally:  OK, more bellinis! 

So that we didn’t end on such a depressing note, we took time to beautify ourselves and eat more food and drink more spirits before adjourning! 

We will see you next time!  I think we’re taking March off as these lives of ours are super busy this next month!  See you in April!

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