The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episode 14

April 21, 2018:

By Ally:

Hi everyone!  So the Goblin (Kim Shin) died in a spectacular display of fire and light last episode. And we were ready to see how the show would get him to come back to Eun Tak in one piece.  He promised he would come back to her in the snow and in the rain, and then there’s that contract that she would summon him with the first snow and he had to come.  So, he’s coming back, right?  

Chi: Why can’t I find a guy like that in my life?

Ally:  He’s soooooo prettttyyyyy. 

Shadow:  With my luck, I’d find him and he’d disappear, just like that Goblin.    

Kimmi:  Isn’t he dead?  But there’s three episodes left!

Amy:  So where is he now?

Ally:  He’s in purgatory, somewhere between heaven, hell, and earth. And he can’t get out until she calls for him.  The only problem is that she can’t remember to call him back.  And it has to be with the first snow. And no one remembers him. 

Nene: Man, can you imagine my husband waiting for me to figure that shit out?  There’s no hope for him.

Chi: She still has to light the “fire of desire” for him to come. 

All:  *Laughing*

Kimmi:  Wait, so now, he’s back?

Shadow:  Wait, she left her cake on the bench?

Kimmi:  Is that Korean thing?  No white girl is ever going to leave uneaten cake on the bench. 😂

Nene:  Man, couldn’t he have changed first?  And gotten some lip balm?  It’s like watching my kids.  Damn, get some Chapstick on those lips!  Finally, some magic lip balm, those lips look kissable now.

Ally:  There’s the letter she sent, Kimmi!  Remember the mailbox?  That’s the story about it being stuck there for 10 years!

Kimmi:  But it was to her mom?  Where did she send it? 

Ally:  Back to the chicken shop she used to work at, the one the Goblin sent her to find a job.  Only now, the owner doesn’t know why this letter would have come since she doesn’t remember Eun Tak working for her.

Nene:  Man, that Grim Reaper, there’s no hope for him, right?  He kind of screwed himself after killing Sunny in that past life.  Poor guy. 

Nene: Now that he’s rich she goes out with him.  Wasn’t she getting “creep” vibes before?  Now, he’s a “rich creep” so it’s ok to go out with him?  It’s all about the dollars.

Ally:  Look!  They’re back in Canada!  They filmed this there at the exact right time, didn’t they?  I want to go back. 

So Kim Shin has started dating Eun Tak a second time, ten years after he “died.”  She’s a successful radio producer and he’s, well, it looks like he’s still an immortal being/god because he’s able to do everything he was prior to this death, minus the sword in his chest.  That’s an improvement in his life at least.  We still don’t know how this human-deity is going to work out though!  At least the Grim Reaper remembers him and his exploits.  Everyone else has forgotten, it seems.  We’ll see you in a couple weeks (or less) for the next to last episode! (Don’t forget to check our Food and Drink page as eating is a staple of these meetings and then go to Dramabeans for a proper recap of this episode!)


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