The Lonely Shining Goblin, Episode 15

May 4, 2018:

By Ally:

Here we are gathered on a special weeknight edition of our K-drama club!  Our weekends are getting busier with the end of the school year approaching and people going on vacations in May, so we decided to meet on a Thursday night.  And with Cinco de Mayo approaching over the weekend, a Mexican-themed buffet heralded by homemade tamales, enchiladas, and a taco bar was a perfect choice for our dinner.  And all the original ladies were able to come!  Also, Amy’s foreign exchange student (J), and Kimmi’s teenaged daughter (A) were also here.  On to the show!  Eun Tak has a lot of her life to remember still, and ends up in Canada to try to restore some of it,  while our Goblin, Kim Shin, tries to jog her memory of him as well.  And after this episode, go to my entry on our trip to Quebec City to see more of the sights that we saw from this episode.  And we’ll just call this the Nene episode, but she did all the talking!

Nene:  Now, I’ve missed the last couple episodes, what’s going on?

Ally: The Goblin, Kim Shin, finally fulfills his destiny, dying at the hand of Eun Tak with puling out his sword, but also killing an evil spirit in the process who was roaming on earth for almost 1000 years, who happened to be the evil teacher that forced the King, Wang Yeo, to kill Goblin’s sister and his wife, and their whole family long ago.  Kim Shin was in an icy, snowy  purgatory for 10 years before Eun Tak blew out a candle, at the first snow, on her birthday, praying for someone to save her from her misery, which she was in after he died, and losing all her memories, and becoming depressed.  He came back but she doesn’t remember him, but she remembers that she was Kim Shin’s bride, but the Goblin is going by one of his other aliases, so she doesn’t know it’s him.  And she decides to go to Canada after receiving the letter she addressed to herself 10 years prior when she was there with him.

Nene:  So, now we’re back in Canada? But 10 years later? Ok, now all caught up.

Nene:  That’s hilarious!  She’s telling herself that he was bamboozled by his former girlfriend for believing the nonsense about catching a falling leaf and falling in love, when all the while, it’s her.  Why doesn’t he just tell her?

Ally:  Probably because it sounds crazy:  “You’re a goblin’s bride, I’m your husband who is a god and immortal. I had a sword sticking out of my chest, you killed me by pulling it out.”

Nene:  Still, dude, tell her! Grow some balls, you like her.  Tell her you and her need to do some licky-face and get on with it!

Amy:  Is that what your husband told you, Nene?!?

Ally:  No!!! I don’t want to know this!

Nene:  *looking back and winking at us on the couch* .

Nene:  Omigod, she actually confronted him and asked him directly if he was Kim Shin!  What the hell, Mister Ahjusshi?  Why are you denying it?

Ally: *dying in a fit of laughter*  I don’t think this is supposed to be funny!

Nene:  Is she remembering???  She’s looking for a candle!  I can’t stand the suspense.  Come on, Goblin, here’s your chance!  Omigod they finally kiss!!! Now, that’s a real one!

*Spontaneous applause breaks out from the peanut gallery–that would be LadyinRed, Amy, Chi, Kimmi, and Ally all sitting behind Nene* I think we were applauding for Nene resolving her suspense.

Amy:  Now, how many hours did we wait for this kiss?  Like 20?

Nene:  Now, they have to get it on, right?  Are we wrong to expect sex?

Ally:  It is still a K-drama, girls.  It’ll probably take another 20 hours before they get in bed together.

*This is where we were joined by Kimmi’s 16-year-old daughter (A), Amy’s 17-year-old foreign exchange student (J), and his 20-something-year old friend from Austria ( (we were really international this day).*

Kimmi:  I love how she just keeps touching his face, like, “Are you really real?”  Oh, he actually says something about it.

Nene:  What’s that line?  “You’re making me self-conscious?” Don’t you mean, “It’s taking all I have not to jump you right now, you-who-are-of-age, Eun Tak?”

*Again, laughter in the peanut-gallery*

Nene:  Omigod, they’re going to do it?  They went back the hotel?

*More spontaneous applause*

Nene:  Wait, that was it?  Some licky-face and that’s it?

Kimmi:  I think I missed it.

Ally:  I told you, girls, it’s still a Kdrama!

Nene:  He’s going to propose too?  Wow, this episode goes fast,  wasn’t he just dead?

(A):  Yeah, I thought he was just dead too, what happened?  That wasn’t a dream?

(J):  What did we just watch?  I kind of was getting into it.

Ally:  Well, guys, looks like you’ll have to catch up for the last episode next month!

So, it looks like we’ve unknowingly picked up a couple new K-drama fans in the process of this year of Goblin watching!  I hope you have enjoyed your time with us as well.  Join us next week for our last thoughts on this amazing K-drama.  And we’ll be starting a new one soon!  *taps fingers together in glee*











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