Avengers Social Club, Episode 2


By Ally:

And we’re back!  We had a Free the Kimchi outing last month to the movies!  We saw Crazy Rich Asians and really enjoyed it, and then Nene had a “crazy rich Asian” sighting in our own community shortly thereafter.  I should really write about this sometime, but it’s not my story to tell.  I’ll have to have Nene do a guest blog about it before the end of the year.  What do you think?

But today, we settled back into Avengers Social Club which Kimi hosting at her house!  Amy, Chi, Sunny, Lady-in-Red (and her mother), and I were all there.  This second episode solidified our love for this little show about three women exacting (what else?) revenge on those who have wronged them.  (For an actual recap , from Noises from the Closet.)  One scene that stood out was the scene with our intoxicated chebol (heir) woman (Jung-hye) asking for toilet paper from her illegitimate step- son (Soo Gyum) mistakenly taking him for her friend (Do-hee) who invited her to dinner and drinks. He plays along, but more importantly, hears about her plan to get revenge on his dad, whom he just recently met.  And speaking about drinking…

Nene:  Oh no, she’s getting drunk with a woman on the wrong side of the tracks.  Like I haven’t heard my kids’ friends’ mothers tell me this.  *under her breath*  Never, not me…I didn’t grow up poor…Who, me?

Ally: Is this hitting too close to home, dear?

Lady-in-red:  I love that the fish-monger’s son (Hee-soo) makes her breakfast of “hangover seafood ramyuen” and tells her that he’s responsible for making sure all his mom’s friends who are intoxicated have a good breakfast.   Like it happens all the time.

Ally:  Like, “No big deal.  All mom’s friend’s gets drunk and sleep over at our house!”

Nene:  And poor-little-rich-lady!  She loves 25 cent ramen!  She’s probably never had it before–but my ramen looks nothing like that teenager’s.

Ally:  My kids could live off ramen.

Nene:  Mine do!

Ally: I really like that all the kids are friends now.  That illegitimate step-son is really a good kid!  He’s super sweet!  His dad is a jerk though.  And his mother is back?  She’s horrible too?

Ally:  Whoa!  Step-son is going to join the revenge club now?!? Plot twist!

Lady-in-red:  Well, if it were me, I’d want to see what my step-mom might be plotting and not be on the receiving end of it!

Ally:  And he knows what’s up while she doesn’t know she told him about her revenge plan.  This is great!

Sunny:  I love this show!  The characters are all engaging.  I can’t wait to see what plots are in store!


Final thoughts:

These ladies are going to be great friends, aren’t they?  Already, they’ve got each other’s backs, and (echoing Sunny) I can’t wait to see what that antics they have in store either!  This episode was really funny and sweet.  The teenagers will probably break my heart as well.  I can already see the puppy-love/first love 💕 angst a mile away.

Ally’s weekend schedule is crazy in October, so we’ll regroup in November in Nene’s new kitchen which is being remodeled as we speak!   Thank you, Kimi, for hosting this month!




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