Avengers Social Club, Episode 3


By Ally:

Hi everyone!  We changed venues and met at Nene’s new kitchen today, had a traditional American potato soup (which is exactly what the doctor ordered for me who was fighting off a cold) and episode 3 of Avengers Social Club.  As per how we do things here, you’ll just get snippets of what we think about the show, while watching the show.  Here is an actual recap, though.  Now, I wasn’t feeling well, so only caught about 1/4 of what was said.  Amy, Nene, Chi, PK, and Sunny were also there. We also low-key celebrated Nene’s husband’s birthday, with some cake and more cake!

A recap for PK’s benefit:  Three women have joined forces to exact revenge on their respective enemies, two husbands who are douchebags, and a son’s bullying family.  One of the husbands was a philandering jerk and had a son, who actually is pretty nice,  (look, he’s repairing the broken spindle toy thing) and he’s wanting to get in on the revenge plots, although we’re not sure why.

PK:  Have you already seen this whole thing, Ally?

Ally:  Not this time, I’m watching along with everyone else.

Sunny:  I have a confession to make,  I tried watching the next episode without you guys after last month, but couldn’t find it! It’s so good!  And it ended on that mini-cliffhanger!

Ally:  They’re good at doing that, those Koreans.  I’ll show you how to access it, Sunny.

Ally:  So is the girl that works for the principal also the fishmonger’s daughter?  And she’s being harassed by him? Man, that lady has lots of revenge in her future.

Amy:  Yes, I think so.

Nene:  There you go, seduce him yourself.  Make him pay.  You mess with my daughter, you mess with me!  Haha! And with where it hurts?

PK:  Who was that woman who did that in real life, Bobbitt?

Nene:  Yeah, and what woman actually blamed her for doing so?

Ally:  No one.

Nene:  Oh F&^K, are they going to do a laxative in the water?  What the hell?  They can’t get it open?  Did they get any in?

Ally:  *giggling*

Nene:  Wait, did it work, oh, no, here it comes!  Wait, did they spray the chair with adhesive?  I bet it was the kid!  It had to be.

Nene:  Ah!  It was!

Ally:  *continues to giggle, more from Nene’s exclamations than anything else!*

Well, I guess it was the Nene show for most of the day, but that’s fine, it was her house!  We’ve officially got the fourth member in our Revenge Club after Soo Gyum, the illegitimate son, pulls the ultimate embarrassment revenge, saving our three ahjummas.   He’s going to be a valuable member!  And his real parents are worthless, so it’ll be nice for him to have people that actually care about him.

Until next time, friends!






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