April 12, 2018 [Drama-induced shopping] Three times one drama influenced how I spent my hard-earned cash

The Lonely Shining Goblin

By Ally

When this monthly theme was introduced, I had no problem finding something to write about. I am the person advertisers advertise to: a stable income with control of that income, somewhat materialistic (although I really try not to be—I just like nice things!) and persuadable. However, I was really unaware how much K-dramas have influenced my spending habits until I pondered on it. I’m only going to discuss three times that one drama influenced our family’s buying choices, but believe me, there’s probably at least twice as many things that we bought because of this one drama (including plush toys, OSTs and the actual drama on DVD), and then several more due to other dramas. For those who have been regulars on Dramabeans since February 2017, it will not be hard to guess which drama influenced such binge spending!

Everyday Flowers: My husband often buys me flowers and has them delivered to my office. Sometimes it’s because he’s in trouble and is apologizing, others because it’s a special occasion, and then other times because he is just thinking of me. (Aw, gag.) I love flowers. I love getting flowers. It reminds me that I’m loved, at least temporarily. I dry out the ones that have special meaning, like my engagement bouquet. However, the ones that meant the most to me recently were buckwheat flowers that he had his florist spend weeks finding to incorporate in a flower arrangement. Baby’s breath would have been too easy, and not as meaningful. The seaside scene where these flowers made a prominent statement was one of the most beautifully shot scenes of any drama and every time I see those flowers, I relive how I felt when I watched it. And on the card was just one word: LOVERS.

The Lonely Shining Goblin

A Milestone Birthday Watch: This drama probably had the best male fashion of any I had seen prior and probably since. For my husband’s 40th birthday last year, I was looking for the perfect gift. And since his birthday fell shortly after this drama and after he gave me those flowers, I had to find the perfect gift. He had been talking about getting a Tag Heuer watch for well over a decade, and I had the perfect excuse to give him one. But not just any Tag would do. No, a 40th birthday deserved a 40th anniversary edition watch. And it just happened to have been featured in the drama. And the card? I wasn’t original here either: “I love all the roads we have walked together, I love all the scenes we have seen together, I love all the questions we have formed and the answers we have found together; I loved you in all those moments. Signed, Your Bride.” This writer certainly has a way with words. The meaning of the watch and card was not lost on my husband who is probably the only male I know who appreciated the romantic gesture.

The Lonely Shining Goblin

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation: Who wouldn’t love to go to a beautiful city during a romantic autumn season? We knew this place had amazing food and this drama solidified how gorgeous and quaint the city was in its lovely cinematography. The autumn colors played off the wardrobes well, and you could just imagine the crisp, cool air while the actors strolled (or excitedly ran) through the old city. So, this quaint city, its famous hotel, its lovely haunts, its cute shops, and its delectable restaurants called to us and we answered willingly last September as we took three days to be pampered at that famous hotel, have the best food, drink the best wines, and relive our favorite parts of this drama while strolling through the same areas as our OTP, and it took us less than a lifetime to do it in.

Wasn’t it obvious? This drama captured our imagination in so many ways, and we fell in love with its fantasy and the real life people and places, so much so that we incorporated it into so many aspects of our own lives this past year. However, because real life is seldom a drama, one caveat to this essay: The watch had to be replaced due to a faulty second hand, and then once it was, my husband found it too uncomfortable to wear, so he returned it and purchased a Timex, saving me a few thousand dollars! I guess I now have more money to spend on more K-drama-related merchandise. I’m really an advertiser’s and product placement director’s dream.

The Lonely Shining Goblin

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