My Hobby

By Ally

Hi everyone.  Those of you who have chosen to subscribe to my blog have no doubt seen the flurry of activity today.  I needed a distraction from COVID-19 and the like.  This has been a very busy season for me and between learning about COVID-19, keeping my staff and family safe from COVID-19, writing my political leaders about COVID-19, and reading all the social media and media about COVID-19, and then just doing my regular work, I haven’t had that much time for my hobby, watching and writing about Kdramas!

As many of you know, I’ve been a regular on the Dramabeans website and have several essays that were picked up and published there.  I thought I should put them here, as there are some people in my regular life that wanted to see my writing and going to Dramabeans to find them was a chore, even with the links.  Much easier to just subscribe to my blog!

I also added my end of year review for 2019 which wasn’t picked up to be published.  *Sad face* But that’s ok, hope you all enjoy it!



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