August 19, 2017:

by Ally:

Hi everyone!  We are back for our 5th meeting and we had a new person share our in our little known drama club!  She’s a teacher, so we’ll call her “Sam” today.  Before we start though, I have a very exciting announcement to make:  Kimmi and Ally (as well as Phantom and Bogeyman) are going to Quebec City!  Yes, this may be Ally’s idea because her love for all things Goblin is so great!  To bid them farewell, Chi had a very special send off for them.

She made Ally a red scarf (reminiscent of our Eun Tak, Goblin’s Bride, scarf), bought “S2” candles, matches, and a lighter, as well as “laminated” a maple leaf.  For those who don’t know, blowing out a fire summons the Goblin, and “S2” is the preferred product placement candle!  The maple leaf is symbolic of the leaf our Goblin caught for Eun Tak, which according to her, means that they will fall in love, which she then laminated in the show and gave back to him, which he is now treasuring as a bookmark in the poems book that she let him borrow!

It was so sweet and it’s amazing what you can find just by Googling “goblin’s bride scarf.”

On to the show!!!  We thought this episode was one of the best ones so far, and everyone was just thoroughly entertained by it. As per this blog, we do not do actual recaps, just our random thoughts while watching the drama.  For an actual recap, please see:  http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/12/the-lonely-shining-goblin-episode-7/

Kimmi:  What’s happening between the Grim Reaper and Sunny?  He can’t see her because he thinks he needs a business card?  What the hell is that about?

LadyInRed:  That Grims is AWK-WARD!

Ally:  And WE know AWK-WARD–lots of our colleagues are just like him!

Kimmi:  *Laughing hysterically* That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard you say!  Maybe because I know who you’re talking about.

Nene:  Oh, those boys!  I guess you’re never too old for girl problems!  You’d think they’d have figured things out by now!

Kimmi:  How old are they again?

Ally:  Grims is around 300, so far as we know, and Goblin is 938-939, around there, I think.

Ally:  Now this is too sweet, the three of them, Deokhwa, Grims, and Goblin, celebrating with a cake for finishing her exams.   And, Kimmi, you’ll know the movie (Train to Busan) that Goblin is taking her to; we watched it at your house.

Kimmi:  That was horrible!  I had to leave the room a million times! I hated those zombies!

Ally:  *Laughing* Just watch Goblin’s reaction. The movie scene is probably the funniest in the drama.  Gong Yoo in a Kdrama being terrified watching Gong Yoo in a Kfilm is comedy gold!

*Entire room is in stitches*

NeNe:  Hey, do we get a jealous Goblin too?  That college kid is cute!

LadyInRed:  And much closer to her in age, right?  920 years closer!

NeNe:  Oh, the scroll–who was that again?

LadyInRed: That was the Goblin’s sister, and the King’s wife.

NeNe:  But why is Reaper crying?

Sam:  Because he cares about her too!  He must be related to her somehow!

Ally:  *Whips head around to see who said that* Wow!  You’re quick!  Must be because you teach, and have a higher emotional IQ than all of us!   Did everyone notice his broach on his suit?

LadyInRed:  It’s a crown, right?  But that can’t be right, he’s supposed to be only 300 years old.

Ally:  Ding, ding, ding!

So, this is a twist of sorts, who is Grims?  He is definitely more than just the Grim Reaper.  His history is intriguing now.  What does that make Sunny?  So, we’ve set up Grim and Sunny and their relationship, which is still just scratching the surface.  She has not a clue who he is, and he doesn’t have a clue who he is either!  And Goblin was hilarious in this episode.  Petty, jealous, uncertain, and a scaredy-cat!   Until next time, friends!


July 29, 2017

by Ally

Episode 6 goblinWelcome to the fourth monthly installment of our Korean Drama Club!  We all hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves so far.  It may be difficult following us, as we are just a once-a-month club, and only watch 1-2 episodes of a drama each month.  Most Korean dramas are watched on a weekly basis, and then binge-watched if they’ve completed their live run.  A couple of episodes monthly is definitely a unique way of watching them!  However, we’re thinking that this is a great introduction to Korean culture, so if you’ve never ever watched a Kdrama, we hope this site inspires you to do so!

The “regulars” were in attendance for the drama portion, although we also ended up celebrating Ally’s birthday and had other friends over (who are not drama-watchers themselves).  Also, joining us today were Ally’s sister and mother and her more-than-adorable-4-month-old nephew, who really stole the show, making concentrating on the drama more challenging!

Our conversation was a bit more tempered today, maybe because of the episode, maybe because of the baby, who knows?  Kimmi spent the episode playing with the baby, so you won’t find any comments from her today!

Lady in Red:  *Referring to the scene where the blind man meets his dog at the stairway to heaven*  He’s still blind and there is no railing on that stairway!

Ally: Maybe his dog can get him there safely.

Lady in Red:  I guess he’s already dead, so it doesn’t really matter if he falls back to earth!

Chi:  OMG, those phones!  Grims still has no idea how to use one!  Are they really still figuring that out?

Ally: And that poor nephew finally gets his credit card!  But has no idea why Goblin would give it to him now.

*Pretty much just silence for the rest of the episode until the ending discussion.*

Lady in Red:  So what’s the deal? The Goblin can only die with the sword removed.  The bride is the only person who can pull out the sword.  We’re sure Eun Tak is the bride.  And they’ve really not consummated that relationship in any form yet.  So is that it?   She has to be a “bride” in practice and not just in name?

*Everyone nodding in agreement.*

Shadow:  And wasn’t that their “first kiss?”  Maybe they do need a deeper relationship for Eun Tak to make such a final judgement.

Chi:  And did you see the snow falling backwards at the end?  Is that significant?  Oh, and his black coat is beautiful.

Ally:  Well, you can’t very well kill off Gong Yoo only 6 episodes in, so there has to be a glitch somewhere!   Not even the deity (Goblin) understands why she can’t pull it out.  *And Chi, are you sure you’re admiring that coat and not the person in it?*

Lady in Red:  Ally is pretty tight lipped about the whole thing.  I know you’ve seen it.  You won’t tell, will you?

Ally:  And ruin the fun of discovering it on your own, no way!

Final Thoughts: Episode 6 was a bit more melancholy.  After all, our Goblin (guardian deity) is closer to ending his immortal life, now that he’s sure he’s found his bride.  And with death, comes preparing for death, which he’s never done prior to this.  And not to forget our dear Grims who is doing a bang-up job making Sunny, NOT Sun-Hee, think he’s really human, and feeling the pangs of losing someone he may actually care for in the form of Goblin, leaving him alone for his eternal life as well.  And, what the heck?  Why can’t Eun Tak touch the sword?

I do like how this show approaches death and dying and that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Death and reincarnation are ideas not seen routinely in western shows and movies, but heaven is, which makes this show a little more intriguing than it would be otherwise.  Until next month~

June 24, 2017

By Ally, Chi, and Shadow


Chi, Kimmi, Amy, Shadow, Lady in Red, and Ally were in attendance for our 3rd Free the Kimchi meeting. Lady in Red was on her way to the lake this weekend, but was able to grace us with her presence, which was much appreciated!

We started with Goblin episode 4 and ended with episode 5.  These are two of my favorite episodes because we see the Goblin begin to have feelings for his bride, and tries desperately to keep them under wraps because, of course, this means he is that much closer to ending his eternal life.

We noticed this week how unbelievably well dressed our lonely Goblin is in this series, and because we are women who love to shop, it hijacked most of our conversation. But we managed to have some epiphanies along the way as well.

Chi:  That Goblin and Reaper combo is so amazing. Their expressions make these episodes.

Shadow:  Like how Goblin went crazy in Reaper’s bedroom after she sees the sword and they’re trying to figure out how Goblin feels about the whole thing.  How Reaper is the first to say, “I’ll take her and then you’d never die.”  Then Goblin decides to die anyway, and Reaper goes along with this too.  The back and forth is gold.

Chi:  And getting their first cell phones?  That was funny too!  Not knowing how to Facetime .  Reaper’s dead pan expressions and Goblin’s frustration made that scene.  And how they are helping each other even though they are on different ends of the life and death spectrum.  Goblin giving life and Reaper taking it.  The scene with the beer and the egg with Reaper chilling the beer and Goblin heating the egg was great.

Lady in Red:  But what about Reaper and Sunny NOT SUN- HEE?  I thought I was the racist white person when Sunny didn’t look like Eun Tak [she missed last week] and you guys were saying she was the same person.  I was like—no way!

Ally:  Oh!  I thought you were saying that the girls he was hallucinating about weren’t the same girl as the one he met on the bridge—I forgot you didn’t see that part.

Chi: And then he can’t call her because 1st, he doesn’t have a way to, and then 2nd, he has no name?  Do Reapers not have names?

Ally:  Yes, and he doesn’t know his name or how he came into being, apparently.

Shadow:  And where are the customers to the chicken shop?  Apparently, Eun Tak is refilling napkins, and mopping the floor, so there must be customers, right?  Will we ever see any?

Chi:  I think the chicken shop only came into being so that Eun Tak would have a job, as per her wish to the Goblin.  So, is Sunny in on everything?

Ally:  Ah, interesting theory.  Like the chicken shop is also supernatural.  So Sunny would be a supernatural person too? She is really cool to Eun Tak.

Kimmi:  That girl can’t catch a break.  But for being homeless, she sure has a lot of sh**!  I’m feeling so bad for her though.  Man, that Goblin’s room is amazing.

Ally:  Oh, I love that whole house.  I could live there happily, and those two can stay too (pointing to Goblin and Reaper while they’re cooking breakfast).

Chi: It was sweet for him to give up that room.  He really does like her. And the nephew and the credit card!  He’s possessed by that credit card!

Shadow:  So will he ever possess a credit card or will the credit card continue to elude, but possess him at the same time?

Ally:  I was about to cry with Goblin going to visit that kid who became a lawyer who was going to the afterlife.  All those scenes are going to kill me.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them!

Lady in Red:  Well, if I was the Goblin, I’d work it out so that she never knows to pull out the sword, live a long life with her until she’s an old woman, then break the news.

Ally: But then we wouldn’t have 11 more episodes of these beautiful people!!!

Shadow:  And they are ALL beautiful.  I wonder how old Eun Tak is in real life.

Ally:  I think she’s around 25 years old.

Shadow:  Oh, she looks much younger than that.

Ally:  Asian genes, they all look too young.

Kimmi:  Look who’s talking!  [Ally is Asian.]

Ally:  Oh, sometimes I forget I am, I’ve lived here ALL MY LIFE! All my friends are white!

*Laughter from everyone.*

Chi:  We should really consider changing our name from “Free the Kimchi” to “Free the Kim Shin!”  That character needs some freeing.

Poor Kim Shin…Still lonely, although he’s found his bride.

And although we had a ton of fun, Amy did have to go to the hospital in the middle of our meeting and had emergent surgery.  But she is recovering well now!  She was a trooper, making 2 desserts for us while in excruciating pain, getting through lunch and episode 4!  And an amazing Kimmi who called up a surgeon when things were just “not right” and getting her to the hospital.  Sometimes, real life drama trumps Kdrama—not often, but today it did.  Until next month!

May 6, 2017

By Ally and Kimmi



With our second meeting, we had a special guest, who came with Chi. We’ll call her Shadow.  Some background: she’s our retired female CEO.  We think she’ll fit in quite nicely.  She came prepared after watching the 1st episode with Chi!

We spent the first few minutes just catching up on our story, getting back into the habit of reading subtitles–with some of us having a little more trouble than others– Ne–*cough, cough* Ne.

NeNe:  Does that chicken shop have any customers at all?  Give me that job.

Chi:  S**t, we should take that shop over.

Ally:  Shadow used to own restaurants. You should all go into business.

Shadow:  I could turn that place around.

Ally: Goblin is a businessman too–don’t worry, they’ll turn it around. What do you do all day if you don’t serve anyone?

NeNe:  You got time to lean, you got time to clean *in a Southern drawl*

Ally:  Is that a thing?

Shadow:  That’s what we told our workers, but I thought is was just a McDonald’s thing.

NeNe:  My first job was at McDonald’s! That’s where I heard it!

Ally:  Well, I guess it IS a thing, *wonders what the Korean equivalent would be*

Kimmi:  When do they stop treating her like crap?  Wait, she gets kidnapped too?

Ally: Sorry, Kimmi, not the drama you thought we were watching.  Oh, but look how good they look coming to her rescue.

Kimmi:  I love you, Ally, they do look hot. Wait, do they kill the kidnappers?  What are we watching?

Ally:  No, they don’t die.  She asks him to not kill them.

Chi: This is so good, I rewatched the 1st episode, and now I’m going to have to rewatch the 2nd and 3rd to catch everything.

NeNe:  Wait, I’m having trouble keeping up with the subtitles too, guys.  Oh, I caught that:  “Give her a chance, maybe you have to be naked before she sees your sword.” I didn’t catch anything else.  Hah!  Of course he would have to be naked to see the “sword.”  Makes perfect sense.

Chi:  S**t, that was funny!

Ally:  Oh my God, NeNe, you would catch the inappropriate line!

NeNe:  I’m sorry, I can’t read fast!  I saw “naked” and it caught my attention!

Chi:  That makes total sense–he probably does need to get naked, right?  Can brides see their husbands naked in Korea!?!  Will we get to see him naked?

Ally:  Oh my word.  Who would have thought I’d be the prude.

Chi:  That relationship with the Goblin and Grim Reaper is gold.  They are hilarious.

Ally:  Arguably, the best relationship of the whole drama.  They play off each other really well.

NeNe:  They’re friends now?  Don’t they hate each other?  Isn’t it like oil and water?  Grim Reaper lives for people to die and Goblin can’t die, right?  Didn’t Grim Reaper tell the girl that she sees the sword and hypnotize her so that the Goblin will die?  Hmmm, something is up.  I remember reading that–something else I barely read.

Final thoughts:  She sees the sword!!! Or does she???  And he didn’t need to get naked for it to happen!!!  Or does he???  We girls can hope.

April 8, 2017

By AllyFullSizeRender (1)From the picture above, if you’ve guessed that we’re watching Goblin, you would be correct!  This is the fantasy we are diving into now.  Don’t get too close to the edge though, we may not be able to save you!  We will be sharing some thoughts about it, but really, just finding the humor, themes, and ?life applications? that we can find in this Kdrama, and loving every second of it.

Some thoughts as we watched the first and part of the second episode:

Ally:  The pictures and cinematography are beautiful, as are Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook.  You had me at,  “Goblin?”  “Grim Reaper?”  “Your hat is vulgar.”

Amy: The set up was rough (emotionally) but worth it.

Kimmi:  I’m going to kill you, Ally, why did you have to go and pick a sad drama?  And why is there so much blood?

LadyInRed:  It’s fine, all fake, we’re good.

Chi:  I need to watch this again, but it’s really good.  I feel like I’m missing out on the nuances of the acting because I’m reading subtitles.

LadyInRed:  What’s the deal with all these car accidents?   How do you blind a Chinaman?  You put a windshield in front of him… (Okay, maybe not so appropriate.)

Ally:  Never be a pedestrian in Korea. The stereotype must be true about Asian drivers. Korean dramas are not helping this at all.

Kimmi:  What the hell! Is she Cinderella or something?  I hope he’s nice to her, because that aunt is horrible.

Final thoughts:  As this was probably the most popular Korean Drama last year, I don’t feel like I need to recap it.  There are many more, much better, writers who have done so (like www.dramabeans.com).  We’ve left with the set up of an immortal being, cursed to live a life of loneliness and feeling every ounce of remorse for those that have died before him– begging for death himself– before finding this young waif, who seems everything opposite of him: childish, impudent,  innocent, and full of life.

And, we all laughed when Eun Tak declared her love for who she was convinced was the Goblin.  Unanimously, we all thought that was adorable.