This is where you find the food we eat and the drinks we pair with our Kdramas, but just the good stuff!  As you may know, Kdramas love food, even if our favorite characters never seem to eat it.  Maybe a recipe or two to inspire us as well.

June 24, 2017


This was another great meal.  Again, grilled meat–Eun Tak’s favorite–wrapped in lettuce!  But paired this time with authentic Korean side dishes (banshan), found here: Korean Bapsang.  We made Gamja Jorim (Korean braised potatoes), Kongnamul Muchim (seasoned soybean sprouts, spicy and mild), Sigeumchi Namul (Korean spinach, but we substituted kale), Oi Muchim (spicy cucumber salad) and also a non-spicy version.  Also, we did a quick green bean stir-fry with ginger, onions, and garlic, some sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil.  Fresh summer fruit rounded out our meal. Amy made not one, but two desserts, a pineapple upside down cake and her legendary banana pudding.


But I was too distracted to get a picture of Amy’s banana pudding, which was amazing and featured in our blog this month.  Recipes

Then we had Boba tea!  This was so fun to make ourselves, and discovered that Coconut Rum pairs so well with Taro, or Thai tea, or anything else really!  Like Chi said, it was like drinking a tropical cocktail on this hot summer day.!









May 6, 2017

Grilling is our specialty, apparently, as we made it again to the grill to make a Vietnamese grilled roast and cold noodle dish (Bun Thit Nuong Recipes) for our second installment.  We and Kim Shin (and also Eun Tak) have our love of beef in common, and not to leave Mr. Grim Reaper out, there was a fresh veggie pizza with avocados, tomatoes and celery on the menu as well!

Also, for dessert, a lovely homemade velvet cake; honestly, the best velvet cake ever, made by our own Amy, who couldn’t make it to the lunch, but managed to still awe us with her baking prowess.

Chloe’s Pinot Grigio was such a hit last time, that we indulged again, while Bogyman brought an Oo-La-La-fancy French red wine, which was a little robust, but still wonderful.


April 8, 2017

image11For our inaugural meeting, we had Galbi on the grill, Kimbap (see Recipes), assorted veggies, a goat cheese/apricot log with crackers, homemade Kimchi, something from a take out restaurant (not all of us can cook and that’s ok!), grilled pineapple, and for dessert: homemade carrot cake and a peanut butter and chocolate pie.

The Italian wine, Chloe Pino Grigio 2015, was the wine that we agreed paired with the food the best on this day.

Since we were watching Goblin, the Kimbap was made in honor of Eun Tak’s preparation of the Samshin’s  gift of spinach.