Avengers Social Club, Episode 1

July 21, 2018:

By Ally:

We’re starting a new drama, and what a good one it is!  Today, Lady-in-Red, Sunny, Chi, Kimmi, and myself were in attendance.  The first episodes of all these dramas are usually setting up our characters, and because this show is all about revenge, we get to see the awfulness of these women’s lives that drive them to that revenge.  So, as depressing as this episode was, filled with bullies of every age, domestic abuse as well as marital infidelity, we’ve become emotionally invested with these women, and it seems like the illegitimate son has a heart. Perfect.  If you want a proper recap of the first episode, and to catch up on what we’re talking about, click here.

Lady-in-red: Hey, it’s the nephew of the Goblin!

Ally:  No it’s not!

Chi:  But it looks just like him.

Lady-in-red:  Really, it’s that first expression!  He looks exactly like him!  Or maybe I’m just the racist white person and all Asians look the same to me.  I’ll bet you a bottle of wine!

Ally *spends 30 minutes of the show looking up pictures of BToB’s Yook Sung-jae (from Goblin) and U-Kiss’ Lee Jun-young (from this show) to see if they look similar.  And OMG, they kind of do!*

Yook Sung-jae
Lee Jun-young

Ally:  Nope, you’re not racist, Asians say the same thing about Caucasians.  And they really do look similar. He’s not ugly.

Sunny:  Not in the least.

Chi:  It’s their eyes that are similar.

Lady-in-Red:  Looks like I owe you a bottle of wine.

Ally:  And this kid getting into the fight.  That’s right, don’t talk smack about my single mom, I will end you–and then get expelled.

Kimmi:  Okay, Ally, this is a depressing show. I want funny, dammit!

Ally:  All Korean drama set-ups are depressing.  Remember Goblin where the aunt was physically abusive to Eun-tak that first episode?

Kimmi:  You’re right!  What the hell, Korea?  Why does everyone need to be traumatized?

Ally:  I also hate how all women are marginalized in society and even here, they are second class behind their husbands.  That’s why there are more males than females in their country. Girls are given up, boys are treasured.

Lady-in-red:  It’s nothing compared to China though.  They’re doing some reverse dowries there where the males really have to literally sell (rather, pay for) themselves to be married to certain females.

Ally:  Really? That was some poor social planning there.  But that reverse dowry, that’s crazy.

Sunny:  I really like how bad-ass this woman is (referring to Lee Yeo-won’s character).  Her husband is a jerk!

Ally:  I think I’ll like her too. But really, blackmailing someone to be in your club?  What’s the deal with that?  Nope, two can play at that game. You tell on me, I tell on you.

Ally: But this drunkard.  If that were me, I’d be out. Don’t get near him, woman!  He’s going to kill you!

Lady-in-red:  I’d be, “Here’s a double, honey. You need to pass out.”

Chi:  I’d kill him with my shotgun.

Ally:  *Laughing* [Chi probably would, I’m not kidding.]

Chi:  But some women just stay.  I don’t get it.

Ally:  Yes, it happens all the time.  So sad.

Lady-in-red:  Oh, no, her daughter just came home and said, “I wish I was So-jin.”  Who’s that?

Ally:  Oh, I think we figured it out, that’s the other sibling.

Lady-in-red:  Looks like that one is already dead.  Oh, that’s terrible that she wishes she were dead too.

Kimmi:  Still depressing…but at least they’re all on the same page that their lives are terrible and that they’re going to kick some ass now.

Chi:  That was awesome!  I’m going to enjoy this one!

Well, it was certainly a good set up for us to root for this trio of women.  Each of them have had their share of unspeakable trials and it’s time to avenge their children and themselves.  I have it on good recommendation that this show doesn’t stay distressing, so hopefully, we’ll have some humor coming in the next episode.  We’ll just have to wait about a month to find out!  Hope to see you then!  And don’t forget to check out the food portion of this blog!







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